Humans of the Open Web Sandbox: Orvard Zapanta

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The Humans of The Open Web Sandbox is a new series that provides a small background behind the contributors engaging with the NEAR ecosystem through The Open Web Sandbox. This edition’s character profile is Orvard Zapanta; A member of the moderating team for the Sandbox discord channel and leader of the NEAR Philippines Guild. So, who is Orvard and why does he view the Sandbox as a new world of different possibilities of expressing yourself as creators on the blockchain?

Kinesthetic Genius

Orvard Zapanta is very much a people’s person. One of his biggest strengths is his ability to meet new people and create a bond within minutes of meeting him that would make you want to call him your best friend. It’s what makes him a great Guild leader and moderator to the Sandbox; it allows people to really get to know and relate to him. He’s another example of how friendly and approachable the contributors in the Sandbox are. This is just one of his many fantastic traits that makes him.

Overage Joe

Prior to joining the NEAR protocol ecosystem Orvard did real estate part time and mostly volunteered through an educational program that gave him the opportunity to travel the world to places like Europe, Singapore, Shang Hi, and Malaysia.

Orvard likes to refer to himself as an “Overage Joe” because it was not until last year when he found himself working for B2B software as a sales service representative that allowed him to familiarize himself with a computer and own one for the first time.

Near to the Future

Orvard’s introduction to NEAR came from a friend who was doing crypto trading and that’s where he learned of the NEAR Guilds and the opportunity to earn by writing for NEAR. When asked what made him jump on the NEAR train, Orvard said:


Orvards current engagement within the Sandbox is primarily driven through his weekly AMA session for the Sandbox discord channel. They are held every Wednesday at 3PM CET, and this is where he believes that he provides his value the most by welcoming all new contributors to a video chat where they can ask any questions regarding the Sandbox.

He sees the Sandbox as a factory for guild leaders to empower themselves regardless of their background so as a long-term goal he wants to help the Sandbox become a Guild leader producing machine.

In addition to being a moderator for the Sandbox and taking on the responsibilities of holding a weekly AMA session to welcome contributors, Ovard is the leader for the NEAR Philippines Guild and holds weekly sessions for artist in the Philippines to learn about crypto in order to onboard them onto the NEAR blockchain. Orvard also has a perspective on how web 3 would affect the world as a whole in the future which looks quite bright:

For more information on Orvard Zapanta follow @orvard1 on twitter, @orv_Serv on discord, @OverageJoe on telegram, and follow NEAR Philippines on Facebook.

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